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So what are we?

We are a cleaning company that provide deep cleaning services to residential and commercial venues. Our services mainly involves the use of ultra-high-temperature steam for sanitising different areas and objects that are often overlooked by our naked eyes, such as bacteria and allergens.The equipments we use are of  high standard and we refrain from using harsh chemicals.

We aim to provide affordable high-quality service for all our customers to ensure great experiences. Our employees are well trained for different situations. We currently have staffs that are multilingual, who can help you in English, Cantonese, Mandarin or Japanese.


Our company name "Ching Ching" derives from the word "ching kit" in Chinese, which means 'to clean'.  We hope to contribute to people's health by helping them clean the right way. 


One-Stop home solution

Customized your plan

Green & non-toxic

Meet the team

''My mission in Ching Ching is to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of our work.  We are not afraid to break our nails, it grows back.''

Michael Tam

Wayne Leung


"We strive to offer reliable and flexible cleaning services to every single customer!  We always make sure to deliver great customer experiences.''

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